Announcement from Simply Lulu

The real "Lulu" is going to have a little sister! Yep, I'm pregnant and due in March! We are so excited to add to our little family! We are also moving in the next 6 weeks, so my life is getting a little more crazy than usual!

The Simply Lulu Boutique family is also growing. My good friend, Taryn, is stepping in to help out while I am moving and take a bit of a maternity leave. Taryn is the wife of an Air Force pilot, and the mother of adorable twin toddler girls. She loves to sew and craft, and I am fully confident that you all will love her and the quality of her work.

I have really enjoyed these past few years with Simply Lulu. I love all the positive feedback, especially seeing your cute little girls in my clips and headbands! I consider it such a blessing to be able to do this for a living and share a little bit of "pretty" to an already exciting time of our lives, being the new parent (or grandparent, aunt, or friend!) to such beautiful little baby girls.

Taryn has a couple of promotions and sales planned, so be on the lookout for those!

Thanks for everything!